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You need outside-in thinkers to keep your brand vibrant. But you don’t need year-long processes and the bills that go with them. Fosbury is a branding agency with maximised agility. We help clients create new concepts and execute them without the usual army of project managers, account executives and complex processes that don’t always benefit your cause.

We make a measureable difference for you by utilizing senior talent, pragmatic methods, a powerful network and a fresh, innovative mindset. We view ourselves as an unconventional agency with a wide open toolbox.

We think big and act fast.

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Let's flop

We have named our agency after the late olympic athlete Dick Fosbury.

He was the first high jumper to jump back-first.

This innovation won him the gold medal at the 1968 Olympics.

Dick Fosbury’s style quickly rippled through the athletic world, revolutionizing the discipline.

To this day The Fosbury Flop is adopted by every olympic high jumper.

What challenges are your organization facing?

Do you have a blue ocean mindset?

Who would you rather be: The leader or the follower? 

And how can we help you make a flop?

Afspil video

Watch the late athlete Richard Fosbury’s story on YouTube


Business development for Royal Unibrew

Royal Unibrew faced the challenge of staying relevant to restaurants, bar and nightclubs during the COVID-restrictions. Fosbury helped Royal Unibrew speed-launch a temporary not-for-profit beer brand to show the nightlife professionals some much needed love. Every sold bottled sparked a contribution from Royal Unibrew to the staff. Our design used a “home printed” look to underline the message: Bottled in haste to support you and your staff here and now”.


Student recruitment for U/NORD

Choosing an education is about laying the foundation stone for the rest of your life. It follows, that your school choice is far from an easy decision. Fosbury helped the almost unknown education network U/NORD with a campaign unfolding the many reasons to trust U/NORD with your life. Literally. Watch the video here.

In collaboration with Livingbrands we co-wrote and directed a television ad for book retailer As the market leader SAXO talks about the importance of reading in general in a time where books are losing ground to streaming services, video games and the consumer’s dreaded habit of “second screening”.


Video for HM Queen Margrethe II

Fosbury is used to shaping many kinds of messages for people on all levels of society. But admittedly we were humbled when our script for the art video “Dancing at the Royal Palaces” by directors Fred Salmon and Tobias Praetorius was approved by Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark in person.

National cyber security for DK Hostmaster

The central Danish domain administrator DK Hostmaster needed a campaign to highlight the urgent need to activate stronger perimeter defence on the vast majority of Danish websites. Our campaign “Sikkerpå” has resulted in a total of 200.000 website security tests to date.

Website for Odense Maritime Technology

Imagine you’re a defence minister somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. A purchase order is placed on your desk by your chief of defence and navy admirals. You have around 15 minutes to scan the website of the recommended supplier of naval ship design for millions of dollars. What kind of website do you expect to see? What kind of website closes the deal?

Fosbury helped Odense Maritime Technology ask and answer this question with the design of

International YouTube campaign for Nordgreen

Fosbury is happy to have helped the watch brand Nordgreen with strategy and concept in a CSR-campaign . A project in support of the COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund, from the World Health Organization. The combined charity and branding initiative resulted in 2 million views across platforms and a 2021 Platinum Muse Award.

Thanks mum! I'm glad you know your chemistry

Fosbury was part of the team helping Danish Ministry of Environment of Denmark with an information campaign targeting mums-to-be. The website lists the (unfortunately many) different chemicals a fetus shouldn’t be exposed to.

Afspil video

Nordic campaign for Specsavers

Across Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland and The Netherlands Specsavers/Louis Nielsen is known for one thing: Very competitively priced glasses. This position has made Specsavers the leading optician-brand in the Nordics – that’s nice indeed. But if you at the very same time deliver state of the art life-saving eye health care, then that’s a story that needs to be told in a much more serious tone than usual.

Afspil video

Fosbury names an island

When pension fund PFA decided to develop the Redmolen island in Copenhagen Nordhavn they also asked for help naming a new exclusive residential property. In collaboration with the real estate agent Lützau and the design agency e-Types our name proposal ‘NordØ’ not only named the residential property but the entire island.  

With License To Scam

The Ministry of Finance and the Agency for Digital Government wanted to inform the Danish citizens about the increased risk of digital fraud. In collaboration with Lead Agency we enlisted a well know tv-host as a government agent and issued a “License to phish” to check how easily Danes are deceived in real life compared to our digital presence.

Fosbury is a Børsen Gazelle 2022

Fosbury takes pride in moving lighter and faster than the average ad agency. That’s one reason we’re proud of receiving the Børsen Gazelle 2022 award.

It proves that our business model works in creating measurable results for both our clients and ourselves.

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